Atelier full of dreams

December 30, 2011

The blog of the week – This week we present to you the blog Atelier full of dreams, edited by lexxy. Lexxy is one of the few fashion bloggers from Sofia, Bulgaria, and she mostly runs her blog in order to share her outfits and make fashion become more and more important in her home country. As I said before, witness her outfits, places she goes to and things she likes, there is an atelier full of dreams!

Atelier full of dreams

How did you get in touch with fashion?

I’ve always been interested in fashion and design.

Why do you have a fashion blog and for how long for?

I made my fashion blog for my own pleasure and because I like to share my ideas and receive some tips or just new ideas, but I’m still new at this blogging stuff, I made my blog maybe 2 or 3 months ago.

What are your favourite blogs?

I was inspired by Nicoletta’s blog “Scent of Obsession” and Valeria Biondi’s “Coffe Break“, these are my two favorite blogs, but there is a lot of more that I really like.

What do you do in your

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