Berlin Fashionweek AW 12/13: Alexandra Kiesel // Designer for Tomorrow

January 19, 2012

Alexandra Kiesel is the winner of the last Designer for Tomorrow Awards from Peek & Cloppenburg. Hosted by Marc Jacobs, she won this much sought-after Newcomer Price and could present yesterday her first complete Collection at Fashionweek Berlin.

Lara, our German Reporter for the Fashionweek Berlin, already her Alexandra Kiesel explaining her Collection in comparison with the building box principal and she was quite curious to see her show.

Lara was not at all disappointed about the fashionshow of Alexandra Kiesel’s colorful and cheerful collection. The geometrical form was also this time the base for her collection and Kiesel created a fresh happy budding Line.

Bright Colors, colorful Patterns & playful feminine dresses. A hint of Lena Hoscheck, a bit of scandinavian Design and a good portion of Alexandra Kiesel and voil

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