New York Fashion Diary: Last Minute Wish List

December 23, 2011

Dear Santa,

now that we met, I feel like you’re a nice guy. I’ve been kinda nice, too. How bout we make a deal? You bring me as many items of those listed below and I’ll be nice the whole next year. (The more you bring, the nicer I’ll be. Cross my heart and hope to die!)


This neon leather briefcase satchel is just sooo cool. Don’t you agree, Santa? I know it doesn’t go well with red. But then again, I wear black most of the time and you need a bigger bag anyways. I found it here.



There are these shoes. I’ve been contemplating them for a while. Even though reason says “WTF are you going to do with them? Showcase them in your luxurious one bedroom apartment?” …,

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