The blog of the week – Styleoctopus

December 24, 2011

The blog of the week – This week we present to you the blog Styleoctopus, by Mies Janssen (StyleOctopus). Mies is 18 years old and she is living in the south of the Netherlands, but originally from Germany. She started her blog in may of this year, at the beginning it was a hobby, but soon it became more than that, now it has evolved to be a lifestyle. Her blog is like her baby, she is working on it day by day, it is her diary, telling her life story through pictures. Mies shares her outfits, fashion, creative outbursts and life in general. She is fascinated by this world and would like to discover it all. Why the name styleoctopus? Find it out on her blog!


How did you get in touch with fashion?

That would be when I was 12-14 years old, I always went to Italy or Spain with my parents. The woman there were all so beautiful and wore the most beautiful clothes.

Later at school they all laughed at me because I wore the most stupid things, but my style has evolved a lot now.

Why do you have a fashion blog and for how long for?

In may my blog will celebrate its 1 year

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