Zara triumphing on Facebook.

August 25, 2010

The chain Zara, part of the group Inditex, is on the 15 position of the ranking “50 brands with highest amount of fans on Facebook”, according to the Ignite Social Media, an agency dedicated to the strategy and the creation of a social identity. Zara gathered 3.72 million fans until the 29th of July, 24% more than closing the month of June. On Monday, the number went up to 4.4 million.

The Ignite Social Media ranking is led by the Facebook page itself, with 14.53 million fans, followed by Starbucks with 11.2 million, YouTube with 9.32 million fans and Coca-Cola, having 8.86 followers.

The triumph of Zara is a good sign for their upcoming online store, which will be launched on the 2nd of September. The store will firstly function in the following six countries: Germany, Spain, England, Italy, Portugal and France.

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